Prosciutto Trail: Fénis, Nus and Saint-Marcel

A culinary journey to discover Saint-Marcel prosciutto

Saint-Marcel prosciutto is an exquisite and highly prized Valdostan delicacy produced in Saint Marcel, one of the town in Central Valle d'Aosta. If you’re looking for a culinary adventure then hold on tight because the Prosciutto Trail offers the chance to see some superb scenery while obviously tasting this tantalizingly flavoursome product at the same time!

The trail winds through the municipality of Saint-Marcel and then into Nus and Fénis via the Star Trail, taking you through spectacular woods, breathtaking panoramic spots and sites of immense natural beauty. Enjoy a slice of cured ham while admiring the incredible green waters (eve verda) of Laveyc along Via Cavour , or while admiring Servette mines.

The Prosciutto Trail fuses flavour and adventure, promising both relaxation and fun at the same time!

Progetto di valorizzazione turistica dei comuni di Nus, Saint-Marcel e Fénis C.F. 00108130071