Star Trail: Fénis, Nus and Saint-Marcel

On the road looking at the night sky

In comparison to the universe, we humans are so small and the emotions we feel when observing the stars and celestial bodies are beyond words. Following the Star Trail through the villages of Central Valle d'Aosta is a marvellous means to enjoy this spectacular and pleasant itinerary.

The trail guides you through Fénis, Nus and Saint-Marcel and, while discovering the brightest stars and celestial bodies you will encounter incredible medieval castles, fantastic cross-country trails and of course beautiful mountain and woodland scenery. Lignan astronomical observatory and planetarium can either be your departing or arrival point along this fascinating trail - which is not only for astronomy enthusiasts.

So, there’s nothing better than a Valdostan thoroughfare which enables you to touch the stars!

Progetto di valorizzazione turistica dei comuni di Nus, Saint-Marcel e Fénis C.F. 00108130071